The Family Medicine Training Advisory Committee (FMTAC), previously named as Family Medicine Residency Advisory Committee, was appointed in April 2010 by MOH to collaborate with the Ministry, Sponsoring Institutions and ACGME-I to determine the standards, the program structure and curriculum for FM residency. Besides helping to enhance postgraduate medical education through more structured and formative training, FMTAC will also recommend ways to pool and mobilize resources for training family physicians at the national level.


i. Support the JCFMS in determining and reviewing the standards, and providing guidance on the structure and curriculum, of FM training programmes in Singapore;
ii. Advise on the assessments required to monitor the progress of FM trainees and certify their completion of training;
iii. Establish training standards, guidelines, deliverables, targets and other criteria for the accreditation of FM trainers and training sites;
iv. Recommend ways to optimise the utilisation of resources from both the public and private sectors to train FPs to meet national needs; and
v. Provide guidance to the respective programme directors to develop the capability of their training systems and ensure the FM training programmes comply with prescribed standards.

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