Dr Loke Kam Weng
Director of Joint Committee Family Medicine Singapore

The role of Joint Committee of Family Medicine Singapore (JCFMS) is to develop integrated family medicine training programs to meet the needs of family medicine training in Singapore. JCFMS was formed to develop, maintain and monitor family medicine training with a view towards ensuring quality in training and the implementation of the family physician register. Key to the success of the strategy will be the development of an integrated family medicine training programme to meet the needs of family medicine training in Singapore. JCFMS has defined the basic skill set that a family physician should possess.


i. Support the Family Physicians Accreditation Board in overseeing Family Medicine training and examination matters, through the Family Medicine Training Advisory Committee, Family Medicine Examination Committee and other working groups, to ensure appropriate training standards and capacity to meet national needs;
ii. Provide guidance on the development of Family Medicine training and practice as an integral part of the healthcare system in Singapore; and
iii. Promote Family Medicine training, practice and recognition in Singapore.

Skill set of Family Physician:
1. Proficient in chronic disease management and able to treat patients individually and as populations at risk.
2. Good consultation skills with emphasis on counselling skills and patient education.
3. Able to apply principles of Family Medicine (namely preventive, personal, comprehensive, continuing care in the community).
4. Able to apply principles of evidence-based medicine in a cost effective manner, and be proficient in resource management including leveraging on IT, for the benefit of patients and for the community as a whole.

This skill set will be the basis for the assessment of training programs and qualifications that are considered acceptable for entry to the Family Physician Register (FPR). It will be used to guide the development of training programs.


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